SaaShop START -service package

START is for the beginner SaaS company who is looking for base-level visibility and leads. The SaaS company may bring one product to SaaShop. The product is placed in the selected category and SaaShop enters the product information based on content provided by the customer. START is also suitable for testing out our service.

The START package contains:

A point of sale on the SaaShop webshop.

  • A product card in one product category
  • 1 mo. visibility in the “New” category
  • A product page on the webshop from which to begin orders
  • Product order possibility
  • Product payment by credit card, invoice, or online bank payment.

Customer service and support (1st tier) weekdays 9-17. (The SaaS company trains SaaShop staff)
Monthly revenue payouts (65-75% depending on service package).

Requirements for the SaaS company:

  • The company has a marketable, high-quality product which is suitable for at least one of the SaaShop categories
  • The company has a clear, understandable, and straight-forward pricing model.
  • The company is able to complete an integration between SaaShop and the SaaS application through the SaaShop API.

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