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An online store for SaaS products

We are a company specializing in the sale and marketing of SaaS (Software as a Service) products. We sell selected SaaS services for business development. We operate as webmaster and merchant in the software product marketplace Ohjelmistoja.fi.

We represent abt. 60 SaaS services that are aimed towards sales and marketing, or the development of internal business activities (HR, management, teamwork).

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20 year of experience in online sales and subscription services

The founders of the company have extensive experience in e-commerce and the SaaS business. The development of our service spawned from the idea of developing a SaaS catalog for The Finnish Software and E-business Association entrepreneurs

We began searching for a SaaS reseller marketplace and the offering seemed weak and fragmented. Various passive catalogs and industry-specific marketplaces can be found, but an open marketplace where any SaaS company can bring their products for sale was not easily found.

The project started up fast and several Finnish and a few international SaaS companies signed up to have their products for sale incl. Lato Tools, Nexetic, RecRight, Pipedrive, Trendmicro, Livechatinc.com, Callpage.io and JazzHR.

Check Out our Marketplace

Our service platform and marketplace engine the Pilvi Platform

The Pilvi platform is designed as a marketplace which enables multiple vendors products to be sold in one place. It is based on open an open webshop logic, meaning an online store where anyone can browse and buy products.

In addition it provides ready-made integration interfaces by which SaaS companies can join and start selling their products online. Read more at: http://developer.pilvi.com

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