What we offer SaaS companies?

We offer SaaS companies a free additional sales channel for the company to add to their existing sales efforts. With SaaShop you can test your sales to a different target group, or try out a productization model which differs from your exsiting one.

Typical use cases are:

  • SaaS companies providing services to large companies who also want to test the SMB market
  • SaaS companies who provide B2B services and also want to test the B2C market
  • A SaaS company wants to try and learn how online sales work
  • A new SaaS product which needs to be put on sale as soon as possible and there is no time, resources, or knowledge to build up your own online sales channel
  • The companies product is a generic platform and the company wants to test a variety of use cases or industry solutions

We take care of:

  • Productization of your product for online sales
  • Making a 45-60s presentation video for your product (you will also be able to use the product for your own marketing purposes)
  • Writing and delivering an article
  • Marketing (Newsletter, direct, social media, user letter, and tele campaigns)
  • Selling as part of a “Bundle” (one seller with one target group and a bundle of applications which are mutually supportive, but do not overlap)
  • Support and customer service (1st tier support)
  • Online sales and billing

SaaS provider, are your looking for additional sales for your product?

We are constantly looking for emerging stars. Our customers are looking for new SaaS products to develop their own business. Our customers are CEOs, Sales and Marketing leaders, as well as HR decision makers and team managers.

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