SaaShop GROWTH -service package

GROWTH is meant for SaaS companies seeking strong growth through online sales. The package includes active sales efforts such as targeted marketing and active lead consultation through remote sales efforts. The monthly fee includes the active contacting of new customers every month.

SaaShop sales professionals take responsibility for the sale of your product as a part of a Bundle, which contains 4 to 6 products all suitable for a named customer base. The sales efforts are active.

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The GROWTH package contains:

A point of sale on the SaaShop webstore.

  • Everything in the START and SALES packages
  • Increased visibility in the selected product category as well as expanded visibility in a second category
  • A second article story
  • 4 slots in the SaaShop newsletter (spread out over 12 months)
  • 3 x 1 mo visibility in the “Promotions” category
  • Social media marketing budget tripled (225€/mo. total)
  • Active sales from SaaShop telesales (min. 5 presentations/mo.)
  • Significantly lower commission rates on sales

Customer service and support (1st tier) weekdays 9-17. (The SaaS company trains SaaShop staff)

Monthly revenue payouts (65-75% depending on service package).

Requirements for the SaaS company:

  • The company has a marketable, high-quality product which is suitable for at least one of the SaaShop categories
  • The company has a clear, understandable, and straight-forward pricing model
  • The company is able to complete an integration between SaaShop and the SaaS application through the SaaShop API

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